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Best American-Made Sunglasses

Delightful weather is already here; nature is blooming, birds are chirping, the sun is shining… Wait, what? You still don’t have a fresh pair of sunglasses? Alright, we’ve got you covered — but before we check out some of the best American-made sunglasses, we should talk about why it’s important to support local brands.

Going for US-based brands is, by far, the most economically sustainable practice. The quality of their products is much easier to assess since they choose to manufacture within the country. Then there’s the wide variety of options to pick from — American brands take inspiration from different parts of the world and make their own staple products.

There’s no need to worry about missing out on the latest fashion trends, as our featured brands always make sure to stay ahead of the curve. So, if you’re on the lookout for durable, high-quality sunglasses that are made right here in the States, check out some of our favorites below.

1. Gatorz

Gatorz has held on to a certain feature since 1989 — boldness. The brand makes some of the boldest and most innovative sunglasses on the market.

Gatorz sunglasses are specifically made for high-speed sports, such as motorcycle racing. Speed is what drives the company (pun not intended!), as it aims to create aluminum-framed sunglasses that can withstand incredibly fast riding.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the look of Gatorz sunglasses often gets neglected — they look really cool and are extremely comfortable to wear. If you want to look like a badass, check this brand out. They definitely don’t produce average-looking shades.

Popular style: Magnum

2. Fatheadz

Fatheadz makes a statement in the sea of oversized sunglasses. Over a decade ago, the brand was catering to men who weren’t able to find sunglasses that were big enough for their heads.

Since then, its range has expanded, and the company currently offers over 100 unique styles. Of course, Fatheadz now has sunglasses for women as well, all made in the United States.

Popular style: The Law

3. AO Eyewear

Yes — AO Eyewear — the brand that made the original Aviator sunglasses. As insane as it may sound, this company has been on the market since the 19th century.

AO Eyewear is a staple in many people’s collections, and for a good reason. Its team makes sure that the sunglasses are always trendy, innovative, and of high quality. In fact, this is something the company takes great pride in, so you certainly won’t regret getting a fresh pair of shades from this brand.

Popular style: General (Aviator)

4. Shuron

Since 1865, Shuron has created thousands of top-quality frames that never go out of fashion. Nulady, Freeway, Icebreakers, and Ronsir, to name a few, have certainly survived the test of time.

A fun fact about the company is that it was the primary source of optical products for laboratories in the 1920s. Also, it served US Army troops during World War II by providing mobile optical units.

Popular style: Escapades

5. Sire’s Eyewear

Sire’s Eyewear is one of the most innovative American-made sunglasses brands. All frames are handmade, the most popular being the wooden ones. What’s more, this company takes great pride in using recycled materials, such as ocean plastic and vinyl records.

Sire’s Eyewear uses a digital interaction system that measures your facial width, nose bridge, and pupillary distance. What this means is that all its eyewear is custom-made. Really cool, huh?

Popular style: Hayward

6. Arc-Iris

Arc-Iris is a small, US-based business with an impressive line of handcrafted outdoor equipment. Of course, sunglasses are some of its most sought-after products. The brand has spent over 100 years researching all aspects of making an astonishing pair of sunglasses.

According to the company’s team, their goal was to make a frame purely out of wood. However, they needed this frame to be both strong and fashionable. Although it wasn’t an easy task, they were certainly successful in its execution.

Popular style: Portal Veneer

7. Liquid Eyewear

Being one of the few US-based eyeglasses companies, Liquid Eyewear is famous for producing the best military eyewear. The company’s beginnings are humble — when the team was working out of a small garage in San Diego, they couldn’t have even imagined that they would become as big as they are now.

Currently, the company manufactures and distributes its sunglasses out of Yuma, Arizona, and is continuously growing.

Popular style: T-Flex

8. Dom Vetro

Founded by a master eyewear maker, Dom Vetro was recently relocated from Italy to Los Angeles, California, where it has a workshop. What makes the company stand out is that you can consult a stylist, which will then help you choose the best pair of shades for you.

The primary idea behind this brand is that each pair of sunglasses needs to be unique. The company chooses to have all its shades handcrafted in an effort to stay true to its motto and make ‘every pair personal.’ If you’re looking for unique frames, make sure to check Dom Vetro out!

Popular style: Vintage Tortoise

9. Randolph

Randolph’s founders had a solid background in engineering and a single dream — to make the best sunglasses on the market. Even though they had just a few bucks in their pockets, they managed to patent a 200-step process for building a one-of-a-kind proprietary solder machine.

Using that same machine, they eventually made indestructible frame joints. Today, they state that they will never move the manufacturing process overseas, which is a big plus for them!

Popular style: Aviator II

10. Oakley

Despite the fact that this brand began its journey in a garage, Oakley decided to step into the world of highly fashionable sunglasses that are able to make an impact on the buyer.

The team behind the company originally made eyewear for world-class athletes. Therefore, their primary goal when it comes to sunglasses is for them to be durable and top-quality.

Although the brand didn’t always make trendy sunglasses for your average Joe, we can’t say it’s lagging behind anyone!

Popular style: Crosshair

Supporting Local Brands

We want to encourage you to think twice before you buy from a brand that manufactures its products overseas. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it is essential that, together, we try to show some love to our local brands.

Let’s make an effort to support smaller, local businesses! Trust us — the brands listed above and their sunglasses aren’t likely to disappoint you.