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Best American-Made Water Bottles & Hydration Flasks

Why would you want to buy American-made water bottles? When it comes to products of such high circulation, there must be better options out there. With goods from all over the world easily available online, how can a simple American product compare?

Well, as it turns out, quite favorably.

Top USA-Made Reusable Water Bottle Brands

When you think of the USA, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it fast food? How about soft drinks or sugar-rich coffee served in large cups?

What about exploration, constant motion, and the great outdoors? The classic image of an American is that of a person constantly on the move. Like most stereotypes, it is rooted in reality.

The United States is a place where life flows at high speed. If something can be done on the go, chances are that it will be done in that manner.

Because of that, these days, almost everyone carries a water bottle around, as staying hydrated is an absolute must. And with a demand of such magnitude, there always comes at least as much of supply, which eventually leads to quality.

Is it such a surprise then that American-made water bottles are some of the best in the world?

Why Buy Locally Made Bottles

An American-made water bottle will serve its purpose admirably and last you a long time. And, as if that isn’t enough, there are plenty of reasons for people to consider buying locally made products.

First off, when you buy locally, it all but ensures that you will receive the item quickly. Anyone who has had to wait for international orders knows how much of a hassle the wait can be.

Second, while an American-made water bottle may not be cheaper, the shipping most certainly will be. All things considered, it won’t cost less than a bottle you order from China, but you will avoid potential shipping scams. You will also lower the risk of receiving a faulty product.

Third, these products are at a definite advantage in this day and age. With the risks associated with each order from abroad, it may be best to stick to tried-and-true domestic retailers. When a bottle arrives clean, sealed, and airtight, you can be sure that no one has messed with it.

Finally, when you invest in a locally made product, you consciously decide to reduce environmental impact and support your local economy. This may not seem like much, but every little bit counts.

Insulated Options

1. Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

Like all water bottles on this list, this one is BPA-free and comes in a variety of patterns. All Polar Bottle products are of high quality and will keep your water cool (or tea or coffee warm) for hours on end.

Since this is a sports bottle, it is quite durable and will survive a trip to pretty much anywhere. Take it hiking, running, cycling, or whatever else crosses your mind. Bottom line: whatever your needs may be, a Polar Bottle water bottle is always a fine choice.

2. Isolator Fitness ISOJUG COMBO

Although bigger isn’t always better, in this case, it might be. The ISOJUG COMBO holds up to a gallon of liquid, which sounds uncomfortable to lug around, but actually isn’t.

This is essentially a large water container that you can put inside an isolated, bag-like case. The case comes with shoulder straps, so you can carry it around like a rucksack. And if that isn’t your thing, there is also a carrying handle.

If you’re the kind of person who regularly takes long trips, then look no further than the ISOJUG COMBO.

3. Xtremeglas Insulated Water Bottle

Alright, so this may be cheating. Xtremeglas products are designed, assembled, and quality-checked in the USA, but the individual components are made in China. You shouldn’t let that last bit dissuade you from considering what is otherwise an excellent product, though.

This is a glass bottle, so no need to worry about the material affecting the taste of your water. On the other hand, this means that it’ll be relatively easy to break, so don’t drop it! The covering does provide some protection, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Non-Insulated Options

4. Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottle

As far as American-made water bottles go, Liberty Bottleworks products are the closest thing to standard issue. That doesn’t mean that they are all the same — far from it! With so many different patterns and designs to choose from, you’re almost certain to find something you like.

These bottles are made of aluminum and are as tasteless as metal bottles can be. They are not only impossible to smash but also easy to clean. Furthermore, they won’t degrade much (if at all) with the passage of time.

The cap fastens easily, holds well, and has a handle that will let you carry the bottle easily. That may sound unreliable, but you’d be surprised by how well it clings to the bottle.

All in all, this is a very functional product with an elegant, sleek design. Best of all, it’s 100% American-made.

5. Vapur Element Foldable Water Bottle

In case you don’t have much space, here’s a collapsible — or foldable — water bottle. When empty, it will fit inside pretty much any pocket until you need it.

Once full, it will expand but still be easy to carry thanks to the carabiner on top. You can store it somewhere, carry it by the said carabiner, or attach it to a backpack. Due to the one-handed flip top, you also won’t need two hands to drink from it.

Although foldable water bottles won’t last as long as the harder models, they also won’t break when dropped. If you’re careful and don’t let them get pierced, you’ll get good mileage out of them.

6. 50 Strong Reusable Water Bottle With Time Marker

This 50 Strong model, which is another fully American-made water container, has time markers to help you meet your daily hydration goals. It’s simple enough: carry it with you and take a long sip at the noted time.

Due to its plastic composition, it is also rather durable despite being lightweight. Unfortunately, this may also be a downside, as not everyone enjoys the taste of water from a plastic container.

To Sum Up

With most US companies moving their production overseas, finding exceptional American-made water bottles has become a bit difficult. Yet, after trying any of the products on this list, you’ll see that they not only exist but are fully deserving of your attention.