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American Made Backpacks: Complete Guide

Backpacks are the perfect carry-all bag for people of all ages. From toddlers heading out to their first day of school to adults hopping on the subway to get to work. These simple and lightweight bags come in handy when you need to store all your gear for whatever your day may hold.

Using a backpack can make travel simple and more enjoyable, and American made backpacks are among the best in the world. If you are in the market for a well-made backpack, our guide to American made backpacks will help you choose the right one to meet your needs.

The Utilitarian Benefits Of Backpacks

There are several benefits of using a backpack, the main being that it frees up your hands when you are on the move. In addition to allowing you to go hands-free, backpacks have a wide range of utilitarian benefits to offer.

Handiness- Backpacks are a quick and easy way to carry anything you may need during your day. For children, this includes school books, gym clothing, and lunchboxes and for adults, this may mean laptops and office supplies. Even hikers can make use of backpacks to carry everything they need for a day out in the wild.

Affordable Accessory – Backpacks are generally affordable, even if you are in the market for a high-end camping model. When it comes to the value versus usage, backpacks are at the top of the food chain. Most backpacks are also sold with a warranty in the event you happen to run across a manufacturing defect.

Easy To Transport – It is easy to pack and travel with a backpack, much easier than other types of containers. This will save you time and money in the long run. Imagine how easy it is to travel with a backpack as opposed to a suitcase, laptop bag or even a crate.

Can Protect Fragile Items- Transporting fragile items can be difficult when traveling. Some items may be too valuable to stow, or simply too fragile to pack in a traditional container. Backpacks give you access to your valuables when you are on the go and it also ensures they are safe from being banged up during your travels.

Dust & Water Protection – Backpacks keep everything you are carrying safe from the elements. From simple items such as your clothing or paperwork to more sensitive items such as your laptop. Some higher-end backpacks even offer special compartments that can heat or cool items during transport.

Basic Backpack Types & Uses

There are around 17 types of backpacks you can choose from. We have listed out each type and how it is used.

Rucksack- This type of backpack has a unique look though it is mainly the same as a regular backpack. Instead of a zipper, the main pouch closed with a drawstring and flip-top. Buckles secure the closure, and this allows for more items to fit inside. Most rucksacks are used by those with an outdoor lifestyle.

Tote Backpack – This is a simple blend of a tote bag and a backpack. It is very portable and can be carried with a handle like a purse, or with two straps on the back.

Duffel Backpack – This backpack is a mix of a pack to carry on your back and a satchel you carry in your hand. Most often made from high-quality cloth, you can fit quite a bit into this handy duffle.

Sling Bag – This is a very casual style of backpack with one strap. It is intended to be worn on one shoulder and is not built to accommodate a large load.

Traditional Backpack – This is your basic backpack with two straps, the main compartment, and adjustment bands. The exterior can come in an assortment of colors, and this type is used most often for school books and general item transportation.

Daypack- This is a lightweight bag mostly used for outdoor excursions. The material is generally waterproof and has a sturdier build than traditional backpacks.

Drawstring Backpack – This type of backpack is intended for a handful of items and very short term use. Think of a trip to the gym or even the beach where you don’t need much more than a change of clothing.

Specialty Backpack Types & Uses

Laptop Backpack – This is a specialty bag that is a mix between a laptop bag and a backpack. They have a special compartment to hold laptops and keep them safe from shock, impact, and moisture.

Compression Sack – For those looking for extra space or just a carry-all backpack, this is a great choice. You can make this bag more efficient by compressing it when not in use, or opening it wide to accommodate more things. Most people carry this bag in addition to the main backpack when on a long journey.

Suitcase Backpack – If you are a frequent traveler then you know how helpful a backpack cum suitcase can be. You can use it as a carry-on with its compact size when you are on the airplane and wear it as a backpack once you disembark. It is sturdy enough for being checked under the plane but light enough to wear comfortably for several hours.

Rain Cover Backpack – This water-resistant pack is a specialty backpack made for outdoor use. If you plan to hit the mountains or even trek through a wet urban environment, this is the backpack for you. The bag is equipped with a removable cover that allows you to keep everything in your backpack safe from rain and moisture.

Tactical Military Backpack – This type is used by those in the armed forces. You can purchase them for private use, but they tend to be higher priced than other types. They are very robust and have special compartments and pockets for military use.

Frame Backpack – This type is most often used when hiking or roughing it outdoors. They are good for long-term travel are made in a variety of sizes. They are rugged and have several compartments for those looking to pack their whole life in a backpack.

Features To Consider When Buying A Backpack

Now that you know the different types of backpacks on the market, it is almost time to select one for your personal use. Before buying an American made backpack, there are a few features that you should consider. The backpack should fit you comfortably without chafing on the shoulders or at the waist.

The cost of the backpack is also something to consider. You will want a backpack that falls within your budget, but not one so cheap that it falls apart after just a few uses.

Look for quality materials both inside of the backpack and on the exterior. Cuben fiber is a good bet for lightweight bags whole The inside frame will be very important if you plan to buy a specialty backpack. The right frame will make carrying heavy loads much easier. Regular backpacks tend to have frames that can carry a maximum of 35 pounds.

You will need to choose a backpack that can handle the volume of items that you usually store on a regular basis. If you carry more items during one season over the other, consider investing in a smaller and a larger bag to prevent discomfort.

The design of your backpack is as important as the material. Not only will you want to choose an aesthetically pleasing backpack, but you want one that actually does its job. This means an intuitive design that allows you to find your belongings quickly and one that is comfortable to wear during your travels.

The Benefits Of Buying A Backpack Made In America

National pride has always been a purchase driver in the USA, and it has only increased over time. Brands and consumers alike are embracing local sourcing and production which also helps to ensure quality.

All over the world when you see the words “Made in the USA”, you know that the product is reliable, durable, and built to last. Americans know the importance of quality, and it shows in everything they produce, including backpacks.

Plenty of foreign brands offer trendy products at an affordable price, but when it comes to quality, there is no substation for American Made. If you are looking for the best backpacks for daily use, American-made backpacks are your best bet. You can have confidence in the knowledge that every stitch is sewn with intention of lasting a lifetime.

Popular American Backpack Brands

Chrome Industries is offering backpacks built by cyclers for cyclers. In urban and downtown areas couriers have long been in need of functional, durable carry gear. This company met that need by creating easy to carry backpacks that help users get the job done. They are very tough and come with a lifetime guarantee to back it up.

Bike brand was founded in 2012 and is a company dedicated to crafting high-quality, simple backpacks. They are highly functional and made with durable Cordura threads. They are good for commuting and everyday use for all ages.

North St. Bags is another great brand, this time out of Portland. They use a lot of experimental fabrics and craft everything locally and in house. They offer a classic look with a modern twist for urbanites, school kids, and even the savvy traveler.

Mission Workshop has probably influenced the backpack industry more than any other brand. They created the first expandable bike backpack and have since created numerous other lines to meet a variety of needs. If you are looking for a trendy looking backpack that can carry anything you can stuff in it, this is the brand for you. Some other brands to note are:

  • Velo Transit
  • Filson Tin
  • Defy Bags
  • Road Runner Bags
  • Triple Aught Design
  • Kifaru
  • MIS
  • Mystery Ranch
  • Topo Designs

Top American Backpacks According To Consumers

Lotuff Leather of Rhode Island is a perfect brand for those who like the best in life. All of their backpacks are made from high-end leather by hand. They have a small team of artists who crafts each bag from scratch and are backed by a quality and durability guarantee.

Red Oxx makes some very durable travel bags that come with a lifetime warranty. They are on par with military-grade tactical backpacks which makes sense since the owner are Ex-military. They are made by hand in Montana with very durable fabrics and reinforced stitching.

Tom Bihn brand backpacks have been an American staple since 1972. They are made in the USA and are also produced in an eco-conscious manner. They are well known for being as durable as they are functional. Ideal for both urban and outdoor use, these backpacks also come with a lifetime guarantee.

Timbuk2 is another brand that has been around since the late ’80s. They create backpacks most for bikers but also innovative lines for travel, sport, and work. One thing to note is that only their custom made backpacks are made in the USA, their readymade versions are now outsourced overseas.

Outlier is based in Brooklyn and offers a range of backpacks to fit both urban and outdoor needs. They offer a trendy spin on this essential accessory without sacrificing quality or function. High-end fabrics are used in every batch, but make sure to pre-order since these US-made backpacks are only available in limited quantities.

Display Your National Pride With A Made In The USA Backpack

We have given you a list of some of the top American brands that make high-quality backpacks. There are many more US brands that are also not listed. If you are interested in buying American made carry gear, we hope our guide will help you with your purchase.

The USA-made label is important but always dive into the details of the company itself. Any backpack you choose should be functional, well made, and have a pleasing design. Always research the company you plan to choose from and select a bag that best suits your needs within your desired budget.