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Where Utilitarianism Meets Fashion: Quality Made Backpack Brands from Japan

Your Guide To Japanese Made Backpacks

Backpacks have a special place in the heart of the population. Your first encounter with a backpack was probably a cartoon printed iteration that you carried with you on your first day of school.

Backpacks are essential for both school-aged children and adults as they offer a unique way to cart around the thing you need for just about any situation. There are a lot of backpacks on the market to choose from, but the ones from Japan offer a range of unique benefits.

If you are curious about what Japanese backpacks have to offer, this is the right place to be. 

The Utilitarian Benefits Of Backpacks

No matter what you call it; knapsacks, backpacks, backpacks, or carry-all, they all serve the same function. Backpacks serve a wide range of needs while also offering a diverse range of utilitarian benefits for the user. From athletes to schoolchildren, everyone can find a good use for a sturdy backpack. 

Easy To Maintain – Carrying a backpack is one of the easiest ways to care for your things on the go. A good quality backpack will also basically take care of itself. Strong construction and durable materials will mean fewer washes and even less need for repair. 

Stylish – If you are looking for style, backpacks are a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Compared to traditional bags, backpacks offer a certain flair that is hard to miss. There are so many different colors, structures, styles, and sizes to choose from. You can buy a backpack for utility, or for trendiness, no matter what you choose there is a stylish option to meet your needs. 

Efficient – Backpacks have a lot of pockets, pouches, and spaces to keep your items in proper order. No matter which backpack you purchase, there are compartments to help keep you organized while you are on the go. Specialty backpacks also help protect your valuables and electronics while also keeping you organized. 

Stay Organized – Staying organized and on track is much easier with a backpack. The majority of models on the market feature a range of pouches and compartments for specific items. This will help you to find things that you need in a hurry with less time looking around.

Easy To Carry – You can wear a backpack on your shoulder, back, or even carry it on your chest. They are generally lightweight and easy to transport regardless of your method of transportation. From climbing a mountain to climbing into a cab, a backpack is easy to carry all around town. 

Backpack Types & Uses

There are over a dozen different types of backpacks on the market, here is a simple guide on each and what their typical uses are.

Traditional Backpack – This type of backpack is your most basic. It tends to have two straps to attach to your back, a coverall pouch, and adjustable bands. The design is usually minimal and is commonly used for school and general transport.

Drawstring Backpack – If you are looking for something lightweight to take to the gym or even the corner store, this is the backpack for you. 

Sling Bag – This is a very casual backpack that is thrown over one shoulder. It is best for small trips and very few belongings. 

Rucksack – This works in the same manner as a regular backpack but with a very different look. The main pouch flips over as opposed to sipping closed. Often this is paired with a buckle and drawstring ties. The inner pouch tends to be more expandable as well. Most rucksacks are used by those with a more active lifestyle. 

Tote Backpack – This is a simple blend of a tote bag and a backpack. It is very portable and can be carried with a handle like a purse, or with two straps on the back. 

Daypack – This type of backpack is mainly used for outdoor treks. They tend to be water-resistant and built to be very durable. They are also much lighter than traditional backpacks.

Specialty Backpack Types & Uses

Laptop Backpack – This is considered a specialty backpack. It features a special pouch for laptops that help prevent moisture, shock, and impact damage. They are also stronger on the outside and have sturdier straps. 

Tactical Military Backpack – This type is used by those in the armed forces. They use denser fabric and are resistant to the elements as well as wear and tear. They are also available for private purchase at a higher cost. They are very robust and have special compartments and pockets for military use.

Frame Backpack – This type is used for those who are into camping, hiking, and trekking all over the world. They tend to be much larger than typical backpacks and also are made from sturdier materials. They are simple to carry and can hold your whole life inside for all of your on the go needs. Most are 55L in capacity and sit on a frame to prevent user discomfort. 

Dry Bag Backpack – This is a specialized type of backpack for those who are in need of something for their outdoor excursions. This features a solid frame and water-resistant fabric that will allow you to brave the elements with confidence. It is a bit smaller than a full-scale camping bag but just as useful. 

Features To Consider When Buying A Backpack

Before you run out to the store to grab a Japanese backpack, it is important to consider a few features. It is important that the backpack you choose fits your body well. It should be able to carry everything you need for the day or week if you are hiking.

Your backpack should have a comfortable weight that doesn’t drag on your shoulders or cause you to hunch over. A good backpack is worth a bit of investment, so stretch that budget if you want it to last! With the right care, it can last for several years. That being said, the price is often a big factor when choosing a backpack, so shopping discount or during sale seasons may be prudent depending on your price range.

The inside frame will be very important if you plan to buy a specialty backpack. The right frame will make carrying heavy loads much easier. Regular backpacks tend to have frames that can carry a maximum of 35 pounds. The internal and external materials are also very important. Ripstop nylon is affordable, but also very durable and can stand up to heavy usage. 

Choosing the right size backpack will mainly depend on your intended usage. In some cases, you may benefit from keeping two or more backpacks on hand if you have varying needs. The design of your backpack is important. You will want a backpack that is easy to carry, is aesthetically pleasing, and that does the job you need it to do. 

Benefits Of Buying Japanese vs Cheaper Chinese

Japan and China are two Asian countries that have rich histories and even a larger consumer base. They offer friendly people, rich culture, and a range of consumer goods that draw buyers from all over the world. Though they are similar on the surface, a bit of digging will reveal dramatic differences that you should be aware of.

China is known all over the world for producing massive quantities of goods at a dirt-cheap price. The quality of these goods, including backpacks, are as to be expected. 

Japanese people as a whole place a lot of importance on perfection and tradition. This focus extends to their consumer products right down to the last thread. The honorary culture takes pride in every item it produces, from simple ink to a sturdy backpack.

While Chinese people also value their traditions, they are of two minds when producing consumer products for worldwide consumption. If you are looking for a quality Japanese backpack, it is much better to invest a bit more to get a product that will last a lifetime. 

The Benefits Of Buying A Japan Made Randoseru (ランドセル)

In Japan, the traditional backpack is called the randoseru (ランドセル). It is an elegantly styled bag that has deep roots in its cultural history. Backpacks have always been a luxury item in the country being hand made from costly materials.

Like most things in Japan, the randoseru represents more than a mere backpack to the locals. There are traditional colors and a definitive shape that all randoseru share. 

If you look at any Anime skit, print work, or tv show you will see the randoseru on the backs of school children and samurai alike. The randoseru has gotten a modern upgrade but the basic look and function remain the same.

Japanese backpacks are more than just an accessory or even a tool, they are a part of the fabric that makes the country unique. Buying a Japanese backpack allows you to honor the traditions and take home a piece of history that will last a lifetime. 

Virtually all backpacks made in Japan are handcrafted. This allows the product to have an extended lifespan while also creating a superior product. Another advantage of Japanese backpacks is that they are so well made they often will last as long as 15 years. This is good for the environment and helps to break the cycle of wasteful consumerism. 

Popular Japanese Backpack Brands

F/CE is the epitome of style in the world of Japanese backpacks. The brand plays up the traditional minimalism that is revered in the country while adding its own stylish spin. Their fabrics are highly resistant to moisture, and their bags are always well built. 

Makavelic is one of the very best brands in Japan when it comes to backpacks. They offer a range of weatherproof designs that are as functional as they are trendy. 

Araitent is a Japanese brand through and through, but looking at their designs it can be hard to fathom. This brand loves to create the look of the west and a bit of HOBO thrown in. Although it may take on the look of the West, the construction and attention to detail is very much Japanese perfection. 

Hobo started out with handcrafted backpacks made to fit the lifestyles of those always in motion. They have an attractive design and work well for both all day and overnight travel. The brand has since expanded to include other accessories to match their backpack lines. 

Paago Works is an outdoor themes backpack brand that caters to those looking for specialty backpacks. There are many compartments and add on users can select to create the perfect backpack for their lifestyle. Make with rugged use in mind, the fabrics are as light as they are sturdy.

Master-Piece This brand has a cult-like following thanks to the high quality and superior functionality of their products. The headquarters are in Osaka which cultural traditions play a large role in the designs. The fabrics are light and naturally repel water making them great for any climate.

The Narifuri brand started out with the intention of creating usable backpacks for bicyclers’. While the brand still caters to that crowd, they have garnered a large following thanks to the quality construction and styling of their bags.

A Great Backpack Made In Japan Will Make The Perfect Accessory

Backpacks are perfect for both outdoor and urban use. Japan offers some of the trendiest designs for consumers of all ages. A well-made backpack will make traveling and storage much more efficient.

Japan offers a diverse range of sports, casual, hiking, camping, work, and children’s backpacks at just about every price point. If you are looking for a trendy backpack to help you on your travels, there has never been a better time to buy than now.