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japanese outdoor camping brands

12 Japanese Camping Brands Worth Checking Out

Do you enjoy camping in Japan’s beautiful countryside? Whether you live in Japan or you’re visiting the country on vacation, there are plenty of camping locations littered across the nation.                            

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best made in japan pens

The Art of Writing With Japanese Pens

Stationary has always been popular in Japan. With so much emphasis on both education and the art of writing, it makes sense that Japan leads the charge in creative stationery. With erasable ink, metal-free staplers, colorful tape, and other innovative products, stationery is a big business in both Japan and abroad.

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best japanese made backpacks

Where Utilitarianism Meets Fashion: Quality Made Backpack Brands from Japan

Your Guide To Japanese Made Backpacks

Backpacks have a special place in the heart of the population. Your first encounter with a backpack was probably a cartoon printed iteration that you carried with you on your first day of school.

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JDM rice cookers

Types of Popular Japanese Rice Cooking Machines Explained

Perfect Grains With Japanese Rice Cookers

Rice is a staple in most households, especially in Japan. In most of Asia, including Japan, rice cooking is considered a form of art. There is a lot of importance placed on the preparation, cooking, and serving of rice in the home.

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Japanese Cutlery: An Essentials Guide

Every region of the world has a specialty — something that it is known for around the world. While you may think of sushi as Japan’s specialty, the pieces of equipment that go into making this delicacy are what you should be looking at. Continue reading